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Explore Your Full Potential

Gain life FLOW by living a fuller, happier, healthier and more energised life.

Here to Inspire and Empower

Unleash your full potential with Zuberant Life through;

Inner Exploration

Positive Action

Nature-based Adventure

With an experienced coach, partner and friend by your side, you can take a step back from the boundaries of everyday life, step into the wonder of nature and experience the freedom and fulfilment you desire.

If you are searching for an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, explore the world around you, evolve as a person and elevate your life to a new level, then we have the answer for you.


is the shorter path to yourself”


Alex Bellini, Italian Adventurer

Hi, I'm Ian

A Certified Human Potential Coach and facilitator with a passion for guiding motivated people like you on a journey of positive growth and fulfilment.

My background includes a career in business, workshop facilitation, and organisation development, combined with my journey as an endurance athlete completing multiple triathlons, marathons, adventure races, and cycle rides.

I am passionate about helping others grow and aim to use my knowledge, skills and experience to give you the edge in improving all areas of life.


Our Services

A life of zuberance is a sustained state of being that persists independent of circumstances. You feel a strong sense of fulfilment and experience a deep level of connection to yourself, others and nature.

We support you in your personal zuberant life journey through providing a variety of services that are exceptional, eco-friendly and nature-based adventures.

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Making positive growth in our lives is not always given, but experiencing change certainly is. It's our ability to confront and overcome each obstacle along the journey that matters, and you can benefit greatly by having a trusted guide by your side.

An experienced coach can help you explore your reality, deconstruct limiting beliefs and craft your own story - one that makes you feel truly alive and leads to progress and fulfilment in your life.


Every engagement is an opportunity for you to form deeper connections with yourself, friends, family, colleagues and nature.


We believe that nature is critical for flourishing personally through growth and vitality. There is a vitality everywhere in nature: earth, trees, mountains, rivers and oceans all have their own energy that we soak up when we are immersed in nature. The elements impart a natural energy through fresh air, water, sunlight, and wind. 


The internet has opened up the opportunity for you to gain access to lifechanging insights, information and resources at a few clicks of a button.

Dive headfirst into a portal of knowledge and educational content from our trusted partners - the leading experts in the field of health, wellness and self-development.


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Ian's questions helped me see where I was getting in my own way and then worked with me to find the solution.  I highly recommend Ian if you want to uncover what has been holding you back, and then stepping forward to a better place

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The coaching we had together impacted me greatly and the results have been extremely beneficial. Life is good!

Wild Nature

Take the Next Step...

Craft the life you love and gain FLOW.

Connect with a coach for a one-on-one session to plan the way forward in your journey.

We Believe

  • If you understand and live your purpose every day, you’re more likely to have an abundance of energy for the people and activities you love.

  • Living with purpose almost always means making a difference in other people’s lives in some way. One of the things we love most is helping you work out how you best do this.

  • Everyone has unique gifts. The more you understand those gifts, the more profoundly you’ll feel able to go out in the world and do the things you're meant to do.

  • Nothing will fulfil you more than learning about whom you are and creating a life where you can be true to yourself – even if that means being different from the crowd.

  • Money doesn’t make people happy in and of itself, but it does give you more options. While we encourage people to pursue their passions, we’re also practical and believe it’s important to strike a balance between fundamental everyday needs and pursuing your dreams.

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