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Noarlunga South Australia

About Us

Our Origins

Zuberant Life was born after Certified Human Potential Coach, Ian stepped out of his comfort zone into endurance sport and personal growth. During triathlons and trail runs he would find himself immersed fully in the moment, caught up in the flow of his experience. You may have felt this, whether it was during your own activity, watching a sunset, surrounded by music or in the arms of someone you love. This present-moment awareness comes from the mind and the body fusing into a fully aligned experience where you feel completely awake, present and alive to your place on the planet at that moment in time. From personal experience and backed by research, being in the outdoors in nature facilitates your stepping through the threshold into powerful connection with the things that matter. Through moving your body you overcome the mind-body divide and into a state of "zuberance".

Our Origins

Our Passion

We're passionate about working with people who want to grow and become the best version of themselves from the inside out. You’re ready to explore, evolve and elevate your life and career for greater alignment between who you are, what you do and how you want to live.  


You know that change starts with you.

We meet you where you are in your life to help you achieve your goals. Working with us, you will evolve, explore new concepts and options to elevate your life. Personal growth enables you to gain life flow and create your own fulfiling future.

Our Passion
Couple of Kangaroos

Our Values


present, open, passion, zest

to self, others and nature

 We all have the fundamental need to be connected and aligned to be fulfilled through purpose and action. Our connection to others is vital for our well-being and the health of society.  Connecting to nature is integral to our souls and binds us to the notion of a healthy and sustainable environment.


self and others holistic

We either grow as humans, or we fade away.  Growth is not an option.  We need to be exploring, building insights, and learning to fulfil our purpose.  There is no better way to enable growth than through connection to nature outdoors, and to exploring new discoveries in ourselves, others and places.  Observe with the presence of a child's mind, which is open to the wonder in everything. 


authentic, nature, green, generous

Being authentic means we are internally aligned and real to ourselves and others.  Being conscious and mindful allows us to connect fully and to be receptive to opportunity.  Being open and generous means putting the ego aside and connecting to our fellow humans.  Being natural connects us to nature!


endurance, strength, fascial, proprioceptive

Our bodies and minds evolved for active lives.  Without movement, we don't fulfil our human potential.  Movement, especially in nature outdoors, builds mental, physical and spiritual health and sets us up for sustained healthspan.

Our Values

Our Team


Ian Jones

Facilitator and Coach

Life long adventure seeker, outdoor lover, Certified Human Potential Coach and facilitator.  Ian loves enabling connection and personal growth in people.

His early memories were living in the African bush where wildlife wandered into the garden.  As a young boy the family enjoyed going on long hikes and overnight treks and he has always been physically active, getting into adventure sports with events like the Caffeinated Adventure Race. A former national top 10 Orienteer, Ian has competed many hikes and trail runs, together with events such as Ironman, MTB, paddling, swimming, trail and ultra-marathon and was an Ironman All World Athlete (AWA) in 2013.

As Ian hit "middle age" ("what is that?" he asks he began to question purpose more and more, which triggered the new chapter in his journey journey.  Many years of personal development ensued, culminating in a desire to work with other to support them in their life transitions and aspirations for their own new chapters.  He studied ontological and presence based coaching, before certifying with the Human Potential Institute and International Coach Federation (ICF).  He is the first to admit that he still has much to learn and this underpins his values of the need to constantly grow and connect.

Our Team
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