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It is a natural part of our being, and as human beings, we thrive from a healthy relationship with ourselves, with others, and the world around us.  In what psychiatrist and author Dr Dan Siegel calls mindsight, you can actually alter the course of your life because you become awakened to the power of attention to connect with and actually integrate areas that weren’t integrated before.

It's now more than ever that we see the true value of self awareness, social connection and spending time in nature, which can create profound growth, joy and fulfilment in our lives.

Zuberant Life is on a mission to facilitate positive experiences for you and yours in the great outdoors, and lead you further in your journey of exploration, evolution and elevation.

Where Would You Rather Be?


Align Growth Retreat for Women

A unique 4-day adventure, fully supported by experienced facilitators and expert guides to help you safely step outside your comfort zone, acquiring new insights, awareness and clarity.

Learn, reflect and experience challenging & breath-taking activities like abseiling and mindful hiking along the magnificent Cape to Cape Track.

Relax and rejuvenate with meditation, morning yoga and stimulating cooking activities. Date TBC

Email us to register (retreat subject to minimum numbers).

15% Discount on this Booking

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