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The Coach

Why Do I Coach?

I have experienced life transitions first hand, where personal growth was the only way forward. Coaches have helped me identify what was important to me. They gave me a way of seeing things through fresh eyes and empowered me to not be a victim to circumstances.


My coaches helped me to align and structure my thinking and I was able to see options and alternatives that had not been clear before.

Now, as a coach myself, I have a new found purpose of helping others find their own ways. I am here to help you align, evolve, and elevate your life.


My Certifications

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Who Do I Coach?

Anyone who’s inspired, courageous and willing enough to do what it takes to go from zero to zest.  I love exploring with motivated and intentional people who are committed to growing, giving and potential.


How Do I Coach?

We start by agreeing on how we want to maximise our collective power in our work together.  The real start is establishing what it is that you really want in your life.

By creating clarity on your goals, we can go ahead and explore what is holding you back from achieving them. We then work towards creating a dynamic strategy or plan of action focused on evolving your mindset, health and overall state of being. 


At the same time, I will help you explore and connect with what's happening in your everyday life - specifically, your work and relationships. We can then start building awareness and crafting options that will support you in overcoming the obstacles and challenges that lie in the path to your goals.

How your coaching journey unfolds depends on what arises from session to session… moment by moment. In my coaching, we explore pathways together and evolve a developmental life plan which facilitates direction and positive actions towards progress.


Through coaching, you will learn how to...

Identify your values, beliefs and purpose and define your version of a meaningful life

Discover your personal strengths and build strong confidence, self-belief and initiative

Explore self-limitations, shift your mindset and perspective and create a positive mental attitude

Design the rhythms, structures and habits to create harmony in yourself, work and life

Manage stress and transform negative patterns, behaviours and habits into positive ones

Make confident and secure transitions into the major phases of your life or career that are meaningful and fulfilling

Improve your physical and psychological health and elevate your state of wellness and longevity

Uncover and explore your curiosity, creativity and sense of adventure. Tap into what lights you up and craft a life that’s full of exploration, play and joy

Develop a higher sense of presence, mindfulness and connection to yourself and others

What You Learn

Where Do We Coach?

Mostly we connect on the Zoom platform which offers voice and visuals in the same way as Skype. It’s very common for coaches to work in this way these days, and obviously means we can both coach while in any environment (providing we each have a connection and privacy).

You can connect via the Zoom app on your smartphone as well as your desktop. If necessary you may simply call in as a normal voice-only phone call. Most importantly this means you don’t lose time traveling to sessions and back.

Of course you can be anywhere on the globe to coach with me as I coach with people from all over the world. The only catch for us is to suitably sync time zones. I’m generally on the west coast of Australia (same timezone as Singapore and Beijing) and almost exactly 12 hours from much of North America.

I do offer face-to-face coaching if that is practical, and if so we will typically combine a mix of Zoom and face-to-face.

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