Our Purpose

 Zuberant Life connects motivated people to their own purpose, to nature and to fellow human beings through providing exceptional nature-based adventures and retreats, in a sustainable way.

Our Mission

 Zuberant Life enables people to explore purpose, evolve and elevate their personal growth journeys, through providing opportunities to participate in stimulating and fun nature-based adventures and retreats with connection to other like-minded people.

Our Values


To self, others and nature.  We all have the fundamental need to be connected and aligned to be fulfilled through purpose and action. Our connection to others is vital for our well-being and the health of society.  Connecting to nature is integral to our souls and binds us to the notion of a healthy and sustainable environment.


We either grow as humans, or we fade away.  Growth is not an option.  We need to be exploring, building insights, and learning to fulfil our purpose.  There is no better way to enable growth than through connection to nature outdoors, and to exploring new discoveries in ourselves, others and places.  Observe with the presence of a child's mind, which is open to the wonder in everything. 



Our bodies and minds evolved for active lives.  Without movement, we don't fulfil our human potential.  Movement, especially in nature outdoors, builds mental, physical and spiritual health and sets us up for sustained healthspan.



Being authentic means we are internally aligned and real to ourselves and others.  Being conscious and mindful allows us to connect fully and to be receptive to opportunity.  Being open and generous means putting the ego aside and connecting to our fellow humans.  Being natural connects us to nature!

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