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Zuberant Life

Zuberant Life was born after Certified Human Potential Coach, Ian stepped out of his comfort zone into endurance sport and personal growth.  During triathlons and trail runs he would find himself immersed fully in the moment, caught up in the flow of his experience.  You may have felt this, whether it was during your own activity, watching a sunset, surrounded by music or in the arms of someone you love.  This present-moment awareness comes from the mind and the body fusing into a fully aligned experience and you feel completely awake, alert and present to your place on the planet at that moment in time. From personal experience and backed by research, being in the outdoors in nature facilitates your stepping through the threshold into powerful connection with the things that matter.  Through moving your body you overcome the mind-body divide and into a state of "zuberance".

A life lived fully is having a deep sense of inner well-being, serenity and a vitality that is not dependent on the temporary pleasant feelings we typically feel when things are going well.  In real life, we have ups and downs.  A life of zuberance is a sustained state of being that persists independent of circumstances. People feel a strong sense of fulfilment and experience a deep level of connection to themselves, others and nature.

We want to support you in your personal zuberant life journey through providing exceptional eco-friendly nature-based active adventures.


Ian Jones


Life long adventure seeker, outdoor lover, Certified Human Potential Coach and facilitator.  Ian loves enabling connection and personal growth in people.

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Cody Hudson

Hike Leader

Cody joined Zuberant Life in a marketing role in 2018. Now he's fully engaged with the brand and helping build the community.