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Align Growth Retreat

For Women

Imagine waking up every morning with a deep sense of purpose to guide you through the day

What would it mean for you each day to experience self-awareness, motivation, energy and strong self-belief?  What do you think you would do?

Intuitively, you sense a new chapter in life is opening, and you are curious as to what might unfold. You seem to be moving from a period of your life that perhaps you’ve outgrown, and your commitments are changing.


You are beginning to long for inspiring life experiences which will awaken your senses.

Now is the time to focus on you, to grow, to flourish and start living your best life, confidently, mindfully and with purpose.

In this fun and unique 4-day retreat from 14 to 17 October 2021 you will experience:

  • 3 nights of GLAMPING in natural surrounds of Margaret River Retreat;

  • Challenge-by-choice activities such as abseiling;

  • Mindful hiking along the magnificent Cape to Cape Track;

  • Morning meditation and yoga (all levels);

  • Healthy and nutritious meals made with fresh local produce

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There’s something about being in nature outdoors that resonates with people somewhere,

really deeply.   

The Opportunity You've Been Looking For

Feel utterly alive and explore your inner self in the heart of mother nature!

In this unique 4-day experience, you’ll be fully supported by experienced facilitators and expert guides to help you safely step outside your comfort zone, acquiring new insights, awareness and clarity.

You will have time to learn and reflect, experience breath-taking and challenging activities like abseiling and mindful hiking along the magnificent Cape to Cape Track.  You will relax and rejuvenate with meditation, morning yoga, healthy, nutritious and delicious meals and stimulating cooking activities.

The retreat is a spark to reconnect with what’s really important in your own personal growth, in connection with nature and other unique people.  Engage your senses through discussions, conversations and exploration of what makes you tick, who you are and what you really want from life… and practical advice and support on how to achieve it.

You will be lifted by new, positive and honest friendships with an exclusive group of like-minded women as you share your journey. As we want to create an intimate, safe space to grow and the opportunity for everyone to engage fully, we’re limiting the retreat to only 10 places.  What participants have said:

“An amazing experience" "An exceptional program"

"It made me feel nurtured, reconnected and balanced"

"The inspiring and supportive women on the retreat reaffirmed me"

"You showed openness and vulnerability and commitment to us and our growth.  I was able to take away tangible actions and increased knowledge of self"

"Inspiring, that allowed me to connect, experience and learn on my pathway to a zuberant life"

The Opportunity

What's in Store for You?

The Zuberant Align Growth Retreat is all about connections - connecting with others, connecting with nature, and connecting with yourself.

With the guidance and support of your experienced facilitators - Ian Jones and Sheryll Fisher – you will take a step out from everyday life, rekindle your spirit of adventure and explore what it means to truly be alive.


You will enjoy three nights in your twin Glamping Tent at the Margaret River Retreat, waking up each morning at the edge of Forest Grove National Park.  Mindfulness meditation, followed by instructor-led yoga, then a nutritious and delicious breakfast, will prepare you for a day of fun, stimulation and reflection.


Getting to Margaret River Retreat is self-drive (3 hours south of Perth) and contact us if you are looking for a lift.


The venue has been designed especially for extraordinary retreats like ours.  It’s a perfect escape – offering a comfy, nurturing and beautiful mix of Ecotourism and Glamping for the adventurous.  We will have the entire place to ourselves during our stay with full access to their facilities.

glamping night.jpg
What's in Store

What Your Stay Will Look Like

  • Delicious, healthy dinner, lunch and breakfast each day

  • Twin-share luxury Glamping Tents with hotel quality beds, luxury linen, seasonal doonas and Australian wool blankets

  • Waking up and making use of the locally produced and low waste bathroom amenities

  • Gentle grounding group meditation

  • Instructor led yoga in the Treetop Yoga space to revitalise your mind, body and soul ready for the day ahead

  • Learning and discussion sessions with personal and group reflection

  • Intentional nature based on and off-site activities

  • Retreat facilities include, fire pit, Glampers kitchen, BBQ and dining area, and Treetop Yoga space and a minibus will be available for any off-site activities

  • Evening meals followed by reflection and sharing​

Your Stay

Physical Activities

We have carefully designed your four-day weekend to take you on an enlivening experience of outdoor exploration and inner reflection and evolution.

Nature is the oldest and most profound source of inspiration, and you will be guided through carefully chosen empowering adventures. Please note, our physical activities are ‘challenge by choice’. We encourage participation, however your level of engagement is up to you and we will support your decision.


These will include:

  • A half-day nature walk on the beautiful Cape-to-Cape Track on the 600m+-year-old Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge with a knowledgeable guide

  • Abseiling in the majestic Boranup Forest amongst tall trees

  • A fun and engaging cooking activity for some delicious and healthy food

  • Creative drawing to tap into your artistic and playful nature

  • Yoga and meditation to start the day energised

You don't need to be an expert in meditation, yoga or abseiling - all you need is a growth mindset, a level of fitness and an adventurous spirit.

Physical Activities
Ian Bobs Hollow.jpeg

Who We Are

You will have the support of experienced facilitators along the way, who will meet you where you are in life to spark the embers of positive change from within.

Ian is a qualified Human Potential Coach, and outdoor Leadership Facilitator, and Sheryll is an experienced experiential leadership guide.  Both are passionate, active people who are committed to providing safe, supportive and transformational experiences for their clients. Ian and Sheryll are not counsellors, but are both mental-health first aid trained to ensure your emotional safety.

We use qualified and experienced support professionals for the activities.  Your safety is paramount and you will be well looked after. 

If you have any concerns about the psychological suitability of the growth-based retreat, we would ask that you check with your health professional.  

Sheryll Fisher Everest 2014 LORES.jpg
Who We Are
What You Get

What Will You Get out of the Retreat?

Because of our dedication to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients, a discovery call with each potential participant helps us ensure that this is the right environment for you and that you will gain real value from this retreat.

“It’s all about taking things at your own pace, immersing yourself in new experiences and rekindling inner youth, flow and energy.”


Your Personal Growth Will Be Supported By

  • A Personalised Character Strengths Profile for each participant (completed online pre-retreat)

  • A personal Align Growth Workbook

  • Interactive facilitation in a group setting

  • In-depth learning and group discussion sessions with personal reflection time

  • Nightly group sharing in a safe space around the warmth of a campfire.

Sessions Will Cover Topics Such As

  • Understanding life stages and how to deal with change and moments of transition

  • Understanding what well-being really is, and how to enhance yours

  • Exploring the source of our values and awareness of the “why” behind our beliefs

  • Identifying what’s essential to you and finding more profound meaning and purpose

  • Addressing self-limitations that do not serve you well

  • Creating a plan of action to take out of the retreat to build the life you deserve

Ultimately, we invite you to allow yourself to be courageously vulnerable to get the most value from this authentic and potentially life changing opportunity.

By showing up as you are, with an open heart and open mind, staying present and trusting the process, you can walk away from this experience feeling more confident, self-aware, balanced, rejuvenated and transformed – body, mind and soul.


You will walk away from this experience with:

  • Deeper understanding and acceptance of who you are

  • Insights into your values and strengths to inform your life decisions

  • Awareness of what’s important to you and how to live your truth

  • A deeper feeling of self-compassion and empathy for those around you

  • Profound clarity on the true meaning and purpose in your life

  • Unique identification of what a life of meaning and purpose looks like for you

  • A reinforced feeling of confidence, self-esteem and belief in your newly tested abilities

  • The potential to evolve as a person, elevate your future and live a life that you deserve

  • Oh, and did we mention, perhaps some new lifelong friends?


This retreat is the first of many by Zuberant Life, and we are super excited to welcome the lucky individuals who will join us on such a unique experience!

If you are ready to accept the challenge and step into the next level of your journey, please fill in your contact details in the form below.

Once we receive your application and deposit, we would like to connect in person with you on a discovery call to get to know each other a bit better, confirm that the retreat is right for you, and to finalise your sign up for the retreat, answering any questions you may have.

Register Now!

Sign up for the Align Growth Retreat and avail yourself of a

15% discount offered for the inaugural retreat (with full payment by 23 Sep*).  Your Total Investment: not $2,395 but  $2,035

* Note we reserve the right to close bookings early when the retreat becomes fully subscribed.  Enquire by email for scholarship opportunities, as we'd hate anyone to miss out.

Registrations close 14 September!

For more details, schedule a discovery call or email us on 

Find out more by booking a personal call

Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my investment?

As the early adventurers in Zuberant Life’s inaugural retreat, we would like to offer you a discount to honour your courage, sense of adventure and your commitment to your future self.  Investment per person is $2,395 (including GST) less a 15% discount, i.e. $2,035 assuming you have fully paid the balance 3 weeks from the retreat.  Late registrations will be taken to 2 weeks out (and offered a 10% discount on the standard rate, ie your total investment will be $2,155.50).  Note the retreat progressing is subject to minimum registrations.  If the retreat does not progress due to minimum numbers you will receive a full refund.

There may be a few scholarship places available - please email us.

Note that your completed registration is accepted upon payment of the full balance.  As the limited places will be reserved on a first in, best dressed approach, you are encouraged to arrange settlement of the balance early.  We reserve the right to close bookings early due to it being fully booked. 


We also reserve the right to close the process due to the retreat being fully booked with fully paid participants, in which case we will reimburse any deposits for those who have paid a registration fee but who have not yet paid their balance.  There will be no refund of deposits paid from 3 weeks before.


What do I get?

  • Delicious, healthy dinners, lunches , breakfasts and snacks each day (catered for all diets)

  • Twin-share luxury Glamping Tents (you will share your tent with one other person)

  • A Personalised Character Strengths Profile for each participant and group debrief

  • Interactive learning and sharing sessions in a group setting

  • Personal reflection time

  • Half-day hike on the Cape-to-Cape Track

  • A morning abseiling in the Boranup Forest, with all necessary safety equipment under experienced supervision

  • Morning meditations

  • Two instructor-led yoga sessions in the Treetop Yoga space (you may bring your own yoga mat if you have one)

  • Align Growth Retreat Workbook

  • Group cooking activity and celebratory meal


Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, we can cater to all dietary requirements and this is captured through the online medical form.


Who are the facilitators?

Ian is the lead facilitator on this retreat, and Sheryll will be co-facilitating and guiding logistics, while contributing her extensive wisdom through the various activities. They are there to support, guide and coach you through your experiences.



You will share a twin Glamping Tent with another participant. Your Glamping Tent will ensure a cosy and comfortable sleep each night and the tents are made from the highest grade, weather-resistant canvas.  Other features include:

  • Locally designed bathroom amenities

  • Solar/rechargeable lights

  • A small oil heater, rechargeable fan and a power board

  • Proximity to all retreat facilities, including bathroom amenities


How many people will be on retreat?

Every aspect of this retreat is designed to be the highest standard, and each participant will receive individualised attention throughout their experience.  As we want to create an intimate, safe space to grow and the opportunity for everyone to engage fully, we’re limiting the retreat to only 10 places. As numbers are strictly limited, we operate on a first come, first served basis but will definitely keep you on the waiting list for the next event.  We reserve the right to reschedule the event if minimum numbers are not met. We will contact you in this event and either refund or transfer your payments to the new date.


Injuries and Re-existing Conditions?

We need to be mindful of any medical history and limitations of your bodies for our activities. In signing up to the retreat, you confirm that you have consulted your health professional on any issues as required. We will ask you to complete a personal details form including medical details to ensure we can support your health and safety at all times. A link to this form, along with joining instructions, will be sent to you after the discovery conversation.


What if I have never been on a retreat before?

It’s such a gift to yourself to commit to this memorable experience. Don’t you worry about a thing. Our retreat group is small, and we will take good care of you.  This time is about allowing yourself to get out of your crazy rat race and take some time to unwind deeper than you ever have before.

The real question is, are you willing to invest in yourself?


Do we really have the entire accommodation to ourselves?

Margaret River Retreat is designed for authentic, personalised retreats, and we have exclusive use of the Glamping Village throughout our stay for privacy.


Investment Payment

The investment consists of a $195 deposit to secure your spot. The outstanding balance is sent as an invoice for payment. Payment terms may be available to suit your situation (please feel free to discuss this with us on the discovery call).  Note that places are secured on a first come, first served basis.

In the event of the event being rescheduled due to a COVID lockdown, we will reschedule the dates and you will be offered an opportunity to attend the rescheduled retreat.  If you cannot attend you will be refunded your payment less the non-refundable deposit which you may use as a credit for any future Zuberant Life event.  


What happens once I have registered with my deposit?

You will be contacted within 24 - 48 hours via email to book a Discovery Call with Ian and/or Sheryll.  As the retreat is for like-minded women, it must be right for both you and us.

The Discovery Call is an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any concerns you may have, following which we will be able to finalise your booking details and payment options.  Your deposit will be returned less any booking platform costs if we do not proceed.


Phones and Internet?

We request that your phones are only used for urgent or essential use, as this is an opportunity to unwind and go ‘off-grid’ as much as possible. Give yourself the gift of disconnection so you may reconnect with yourself.


Alcohol and smoking?

We are committed to delivering a thoughtful and charming experience. No alcohol is planned although you and your fellow participants will be able to decide if you would like some wine with the final dinner.


Margaret River Retreat is smoke-free.


Eco-friendliness and Sustainability?

Guests are expected to adhere to the Retreat sustainability guidelines, including the management of traffic movement, waste and recycling management, water and power restrictions. 


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